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Automatic refresh

David Pechter 3

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I am doing some initial investigation on a requirement which will have say 100files arrive for visualization, at a rate of approximately 10 per hour over a ten hour period.

During that time, the user wants to be able to visualize the files "in real-time", with notifications if statistical measures stray outside some pre-defined limits.

This could be done in a few ways...I wondering what makes the most sense for Spotfire.

Here are some thoughts:

1 .aggregate the files in python every few minutes into a refreshedall-inclusive file, and have the user refresh datasource inSpotfire to see the latest results. Create notifications in pythonby reviewing the data there.

2. do this in ironpython Is it able to auto-update based on file date/time changes I don't remember it having essentially a timer functionality.

3. use C# extensions

4. do this in Streams. I looked at this and it looks involved. Way more than writing this python aggregator.

The big question...how to easily have the user review 1 to 100 files, and refresh with a minimum of clicking.


Thanks, Dave


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