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Limit Max(Day) = Day(DateTimeNow()) - 1

Hesloan Viana

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Hello all, is there a way so I can limit my Max day of the date to be my Day(DateTimeNow()) - 1


For example:

Today, day 3, i want to see all the sales for every month in 2019 until day 2 ( Day(DateTimeNow()) - 1 )


Edit: When i try something like Max(Day([DATE])) = Day(DateTimeNow())-1, I just get "False" or "True".

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Normally to get the sales in a given Range (like Previous Year to Date, or Previous Month to Date) I would do something on the visualization calculation or calculated field.

Case when Day([Date) <= Day(DateAdd('day',-1,DateTimeNow())) then [sales Amount] End as [To Date Sum]

This will create a column with just the Sales Amounts populated that fit the range you want.

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