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Can I paste a list of values into a Filter's search box

Georgi Koemdzhiev

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I am wondering if there is a way to paste a list of values (e.g. well ids) into the Spotfire Analyst's (and Web Player's) filter search box I am new to Spotfire so not sure if that can be achieved through a custom extension or script. Basically this is what I am trying to achieve:


I copy some values from Excel spreadsheet

I open Spotfire Analyst and look for the appropriate filter on the right

I pates the content of my clipboard into the filters search box

Custom logic (if thats possible) makes sure to find the appropriate results from the filters list and selects them automatically

All charts on our page are updated and we see the results from step 4



Please note that the solution needs to work on both the Spotfire Analyst and Web Player.

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OK, in that case yes you can do it, but you'd have to seperate them with an "or"

So in your example youd have to paste "42479418930000 or 4247941966000"

If you paste that into a list box filter it will limit whats in the list box, but you'll still have to select them. If you right click on your list box filter and switch it to filter type text filter, just pasting those values into the text box with the "or" will filter your visuals automatically

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Thank you for your suggestion, Michael. This is getting to closer to my desired behaviour. Do you know if there is a way how to avoid forcing the user to preformat the values in this fashion - "value1 or value2 or value3" For example, hooking to a "text change" event of the Filter's search field that will execute an IronPython script that will format the pasted values and split them in the above format so that the filter will understand them



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Only thing a filter "text change" can trigger is a terr script, but I'm not sure if a terr script can take the filter text as input, in any event that would be a clunky overkill solution prone to failure.  If i was doing the development and this was a requirement i'd either create an input field that populated a document property, then add a button that would parse the input and use it to filter




create an upload button that would suck the values from excel/text file/clipboard into spotfire and create a table join, then in the filter panel choose to only include filtered rows.

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