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tag column "tag collection name" does not exist in the collection(tag collection issue)

Tom Tang 2

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hi there

I am using an ironpython script to sort the marked rows in a datatable, so when every time users mark rows in a table, these marked rows will appear in the font of the data table


1, create a tag collection TAGcollection1 and tags MarkedRows and Untagged for data table DT1

2, attach marked rows to tag MarkedRows

3, add tag coloumnTAGcollection1 to the data table and set sort by ASC

4, create a button and a script

script parameter: myTable1 and myTag1 (set to DT1 and TAGcollection1 )

script content:


from System.Reflection import Assembly

from Spotfire.Dxp.Data.Collections import *

from System.Runtime.Serialization import ISerializable

from System.Collections import IComparer

from System.Collections.Generic import IComparer

from Spotfire.Dxp.Data import DataColumn, TagsColumn

from Spotfire.Dxp.Data import DataPropertyClass, DataType, DataValueCursor, IDataColumn, IndexSet

from Spotfire.Dxp.Data import RowSelection



# Tag the marked rows

markedRowSelection = Document.ActiveMarkingSelectionReference.GetSelection(Document.ActiveDataTableReference)

table = Document.ActiveDataTableReference

myTagColumn = table.Columns.Item[myTag1].As[TagsColumn]()

selectRows = IndexSet(table.RowCount, True)

#tags = myTagColumn.TagValues

myTagColumn.Tag('Untagged', RowSelection(selectRows))

myTagColumn.Tag('MarkedRows', markedRowSelection)



values = Document.Data.Tables[myTable1].Columns[myTag1].RowValues.GetEnumerator()

myValues = []

for val in values:



print myValues






1) when I do these for DT1, it works fine

2) but when I do the same for another DT2 with TAGcollection2, issues appear:

a) when marking in DT2, the sorting works but there is error notification: column "TAGcollection1 "(not TAGcollection2) does not exist in collection

b) then I create the same TAGcollection1 for DT2 also the error notification is gone, but I found that when I mark for DT2, DT1 will be UNMARKED

there is no relation b/w two tables

I am not sure why these two datatables are messing up each other thru tags

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