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Spotfire X - Rules routing

Gabriele Marrocco 3

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If I'm in an architecture with 2 SS in america and 2 snm in two different states (America and Poland) and decide to create a routing rule, I could make some reports open only by going through a given node (example node1)

I generated 2 reports within each one I configured the datasources of their local db's.

What I want is that the report with the poland datasource pointing is processed by the node in poland, this to decrease possible loads and slowdowns due to network latency.

If not, is it possible to develop a solution of this type


Thank you for your time



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Routing rules are for routing webplayer sessions and give better user experience if they are routed to node in their region.

But TSS is the one which will pass the query to the datasource/database from webplayer so if any poland user executes query from polandnode, theymay still observe some latency due to TSS being in america. Also, there is no mechanism to handle particular requests to go to particular TSS only.

Reports containing poland datasource can be routed to Poland Node using routing rules. You can setup scheduled updates for faster loading of analysis on webplayer. That way it would not matter much in which region users are as the analysis would be cached in Node Manager machine's RAM.

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