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Display image based on condition.

Rahul Singh 6

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I'm fairly new to Spotfire and my apologies if this sounds stupid.

I have a calculated field(%), that I want to use for passing custom images. Basically, if the value is below 50%, the image should be rain, if 50-70; cloud, if above 70, a sun. I would want this to be as diverse as possible for future use, i,e, have more than 3 criteria images.

Is this possible in Spotfire If it is , can you point me towards a tutorial or documentation


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If you are looking to change the images in a text area based on selection. Then you can use the below script as a reference to dynamically change the images

from Spotfire.Dxp.Application.Visuals import *

from System.IO import *

from System.Drawing import *

from System.Drawing.Imaging import *

from System.Text.RegularExpressions import *

#from System.Drawing.Imaging.ImageFormat import *






image1 = Image.FromFile(r"C:SourceJapan.png");

image2 = Image.FromFile(r"C:SourceSpain.png");

image3 = Image.FromFile(r"C:SourceFrance.png");






if not image1Exists:


if not image2Exists:


if not image3Exists:





#check if image is already present

htmlImage=content.Contains("img src")

#Get which Image


if htmlImage:

#code to replace the image

input = vis.HtmlContent;

oldValue = Regex.Match(input, ""(.+)"").Groups[1].Value;

print oldValue

input = input.Replace(oldValue,imageName );

#print input


print vis.HtmlContent


addImage= ""


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I stumbled upon this while researching but this isn't what I'm looking for.


I'm trying to set criteria, that if [Field1] is less than 0.3, show [image1], for 0.3-0.6 show [image2] and so on.


I just want it to be a standalone chart that shows the image and that's all. I will put it next to a KPI block.




Any idea how I can achieve this

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