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Limit values in dropdown based on the selection in another dropdown.

Manoj Chaurasia

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Hey Ankur,


What you could do is create drop down list property control in a text box. You can then set the that property control's "set property value through" as a "Column Selection." in essence you are just creating a drop down list for that column as a filter.


You can do the same for the Products column as well by creating a drop down list or you could make that one a list box.

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Hi Ankur,

It is very much possible. We have implemented the below solution for it


Suppose you have two dropdowns each for columns A and B and you want the values B to be depnedent on A. You should take the following steps to achieve this result


- Create a property control by setting first Dropdown with Unique values of column A. Name of this property as Driver (any name you want to give)

- Create a calculated column Var_B = if("${Driver}"=([A]), , Null)

- Create a Propert control with unique values of Var_B


This should help you achieve the desired results. Please let me know in case you need any clearification.


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