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Replacing null in a column

Manoj Chaurasia

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Hi everyone,


I have a use case where I need to replace the null value to "no data" for a column imported from the database. I used "Is null" & was able to detect the null values & enter "no data", but in a new calculated column. However, my requirement is to do this relacement in the original column itself.


Please suggest. Thanks in advance

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Depending on what you mean by replacing the original column itself, a Transformation (instead of a Calculated column) could perhaps be sufficient:

Insert -> Transformations. Select to add a "Calculate and Replace column" with the expression


if ([colname] is null, "no data", [colname])

and set the column name to the same column name as the old column.

(Also, in recent versions of Spotfire (at least 7.6), you can replace null values in the Data Panel by clicking on the column, and selecting 'Specific value' under the 'Empty values' section, and enter the string "no data". These empty values however are not a Transformation as above, but only make the replaced values appear in the final table.)

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