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I need to make a sample of 10% of a data table (control group) Can anybody tell me how to do it

Antonio Aguilar

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Can you upload sample data or at least explain the data structure and how the sample should be taken (a range of days 0 to 10 does not guarantee 10% so I am not sure I understand).


Where should this sampled data table be stored A new data table with 10% of the rows, or a marker column on the existing data table specifying which rows should be included or excluded



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So I understand you want to generate a stratified sample, i.e. a sample that preserves population proportions of your groups, your groups being the silent days ranges.

It would be easy with a TERR data function but you did not say whether this is an option.

I can suggest a workaround, which should be good enough since you have a lot of rows, unless some of your groups are incredibly rare (fewer than 10 instances - but then no stratified sampling would do).


Create a calculated column with the following expression (call it e.g. [rand1]):

RandBetween(1,Count(RowId()) OVER ([silentdays]),123) / Count(RowId()) OVER ([silentdays])

Where [silentdays] is the column containing your groups. 123 is just a random seed.

Count(RowId()) OVER ([silentdays]) is the total number of rows for each group. For each group, we extract a random number between 1 and this count, and we divide it by the count, so this number is bound between 0 and 1 and should uniformly sample each group.


Then, create a boolean column to separate out what is included in the sample


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