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How can i do a dot with a dynamic average of the filtered data in scatter plot

Luiz Eduardo Zappa

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I have a scatter plot that shows Sales vs Project Time. How can i create an dot that represent the average of Sales and average of Project Time, like the image attached. The circles are my data and the cross represents the average of each of the axes. I want this average being dynamic, when filter, recalculate the average and the dot shows the new average.



My current solution was created in excel. On the last row, I've created a line with the average of Sales, average of Project time and a column to distinguish this line from others (so I can set "shape by" this column, and distinguish the dot of average from others). But this solution isn't dynamic, if I filter anything, the value of average doesn't change, because it's a static average of all data..

How can I create this in spotfire to result in a dot that calculate dynamically the average

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