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Web Player saving project state where I left off.

Braeden Gilchrist

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We have a spotfire project that is showing unexpected behavior in the Web Player. Web Player is somehow saving the state of the project where the user left off. A User will make changes to the filters, markings, document properties and these changes will persist between sessions. The expected behavior is the project will appear as saved in a "cleaned" state.

Is this a setting somewhere How can this behavior be possible

The saved state is user specific, i.e. USER1 sees the changes they made and not the changes of a different user. The project opens in the filtered state after I cleared all of my Spotfire cookies. The same for a Chrome Incognito session and on a Edge browser session. If fact I made changes walked over to a new computer, logged into a private browser session and opened the project in the state I left it in.

Here are some things I checked:

1) No bookmarks in the project

2) No Business Author licenses

3) No R/Python script saving state anywhere

4) All JavaScript has been removed from the project.

5) Cleared browser cookies/cache

6) restarted WebPlayer servers, cleared cache


Spotfire version 7.6.1

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