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How to add trellis based on multiple layers.

Chad Holland

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I have the attached image to show my issue. I have created a map in spotfire and I have 2 layers, one shows the horizontal lines, and one showing the dots. I am splitting these maps into trellis based on a section ID. The problem is, I can only assign this trellis distinction on one of my layers, in this case I have it on the horizontal line layer. Unfortunately, This causes my horizontal lines to show correctly, but it then is showing the dots for each respective grouping on both charts. The second attachment is how the left chart should look.

The problem is, these 2 groupings have differnt spacings in the plot area for their dots. I do not see how I can make sure the dots for the left grouping only show up in the left trellis and the same for the right. I have my relations setup between the 2 tables already.

Any help is appreciated. Note, that this is a non-standard use of the map chart to create a needed visualization no offered by spotfire vanilla.

Thanks, Chad

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