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Problems with 'Personalized settings for each web player user'

Manoj Chaurasia

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I have an analysis with a couple of data tables where I expose a number of filters for users.

I have the 'Remember personalized views for each web player user' document properties>library setting enabled.

I have set key columns on both data tables so that the 'full functionality' should work


I am expecting that the web player should 'remember' the last page and filter settings used for each user = the behaviour I desire.

This isn't happening


I get inconsistent behaviour of the feature across browsers - IE9 & Firefox.

I get inconsistent behaviour of the feature within tabs within the same browser across time.

I get inconsistent behaviour of the feature within different browser sessions with the same browser.


Could someone explain to me how this feature is supposed to work i.e. what is saved where so I can get to the bottom of why the behaviour I expect doesn't occur


I'd very much like to be able to explain and describe what I see happening, but so far, as I dont get consistent results I'm not able to do that. For a while I thought the settings persisted in Firefox ( even into IE9 ) but not IE9; today this isn't the case... :S




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I found if you click  FILE>CLOSE in spotfire report and then re-open this spotfire(no matter if you re-open the browser also), the report open with your right last page, but if you just close the browser page or entire browser and reopen it, it wont go back to right last page but same page when you open last time.
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