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caw we change the format of cell row wise in spotfire.

krunal shah 4

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we have a requirement that we have to change the format row wise ,so can we do that .is their any of doing that.

i have attached the screenshot in which you can see past due % and monetozation%.here i want to change the format to % ,but i have added the column from the cell ,i can't change the format rowwise .so could you pls check that.

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Percentage and Number formatting cannot be present in same column. One column can have same set of formatting for all the values. So either you can separate out % columnsin another cross table or convert all the values toString format.

Note: String format will always format the real values to numeric format, it will show decimal values upto 2 decimals.

Idea is already raised for it and you can vote for this idea.


Another approach would be touse jsviz and you canthe design the cross table in your own format through javascripts.


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