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Delete Row and Columns from data in spotfire

Abubakar anwar

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Hi All,


i have a question regarding permanant deletion of rows and columns.

I added shape files to cretae maps in spotfire.Later on I extended it to more countries by using Insert--> row functionality.

Then I added some data to the existing table by using Insert--> Column functionality

Now i want to extend my analysis for further countries. I used the same insert rows functionality to add additional country shape files. And also extended my data set for the country.

Now when i press "Reload Data" to get new data from the excel file, Spotfire doesn't recognizes the data and give me empty columns for the new countries.

I checked individually for the new countries using the excel file and it works.

I was thinking of deleting the "columns from the data set and then re-add them to the flow. is it possible

Many thanks for your support.

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Hello Khusboo,

thank you for your reply. Just to make sure i have understood correctly. what you suggested is that i have replace the data table with a new source a new excel file with a new name

I am using version 7.11 and i cannot delete the data direclty


and I am still not sure how to do it. I added another country today to the shape files as "Rows" and then I changed the data source but it didn't work.


I manually delete all columns from Spotfire and then add new columns which is very time consuming.


kindly suggest what to do .thank you for your kind reply


best regards

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