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Property Controls and Bookmarks

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Does anyone know if it is possible to create a dropdown list property control which contains bookmarks So for example if I select Headcount from my dropdown the settings for my Heacount bookmark appear but if I select Revenue from the drop down list my Revenue settings appear


Alternatively does anyone know if it is possible to script "if" statements based on a property control drop down So in this example Headcount is selected and a script run that states if Property control = headcount run this script if property control = Revenue run this script.




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Hi there,


To answer the second part of your question - you can indeed run a script based upon a property. The way to do this is to have your document property associated with your drop down trigger an IronPython script. Within this script you can then choose to execute another script based upon whatever selection the user has picked.


See this article on how to call other IronPython scripts from within an IronPython script. So you should be able to do a series of IF statements, each which call different scripts using this:



There is also a DXP posted here that loops bookmarks and displays their settings. I'm not sure if this helps you



Hope this helps


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