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Refer to a document property via two strings

Kieran Martin

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I am in a position where for various reasons I want to combine two strings to refer to a document property in the context of a spotfire expression.

For example

DocumentProperty(Concatenate("string1", "string2"))

This will error, while


will not.

How do I get it to recognise combined strings I'm aware I can do this in ironpython but would ideally like to stay in an expression.

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I'm having this same issue and can't figure out a solution. Seems like the DocumentProperty() can only take a string and not an expression that results in a string as the argument. I've been trying to find a workaround either by using a custom expression function that evaluates the string (can't figure out how to reference a doc prop in the expression function) or an expression function that returns the expression I want as a string (can't figure out how to make spotfire convert a string to an expression).




If you've figured out a solution please post it here as this has been extremely frustrating and it pretty critical to how I want to set up my analysis.

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Unfortunately, this is not possible in spotfire.

You can raise this idea in ideas portal describing your usecase


This is the most effective way for you to interface directly with our product team and see the status of your enhancement ideas. For more details, please refer tohttps://community.spotfire.com/wiki/introduction-spotfire-idea-portal.

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