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Table Relations not working as they should

Ashley Russell

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Hi all,

I am very familiar with Spotfire and familiar with the relationships settings. However, I am running into a case that I cannot figure out.

I am building 2 relations between Table A and Table B on two columns: CODE and NUMBER.

Table B however has a subset of data, compared to Table A, see attached example.

When I apply the first relation for CODE - tables look fine and marking works between the two - matching the CODE rows between the two tables.

However, when I apply the second relation for NUMBER, my Table A has all non-matching NUMBER rows removed in the table visualization - even when ignoring the filtering on both Tables from the data headers. This is contrary to the relation documentation which says that all rows will still be visible, even if they don't exist in the other table.

Am I getting something wrong here

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Marking behavior will not change based onInclude,exclude/ignore filtering settings. Records will be marked in table A based on data relations.

Say if you setup code and number data relation, have cross table built on table B and mark Code D. So number values corresponding to Code D i.e. 1200, 1300, 1400 & 1250 and code D itselt will be considered when limiting data in table A by marking from table B.

If more than one column is specified in data relations between two tables, they work with "AND" condition.

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