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Large Files on Access into Spotfire

Ann Marie Boncella

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I am doing healthcare market analysis and have three years worth of data. Each year is a seperate Access Database with multiple tables. There is too much data to fit into Excel (which is why it is in Access). When I import the databases into Spotfire, there are too many to have it run fast. At the moment it can take between 30 to 60 minutes to pull in the data. This is not efficient as I am hoping to build out visualizations so end users canpick and choose on their own.

Any thoughts on how I can make the data load faster

I also plan to continually add years as I get them in the future to keep building out the trends.

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If importing takes time is an issue there are a couple of suitable ways that would help you:

-Use scheduled updates where you load the data and keep it in memory, this is in the web player and not the Analyst client.

-Import the access data into a data base like SQL server, this will alllow you to use external data, where you do not load all the data, just the data that you are looking at, this will lower the loading time dramatically, because you only load small amounts of data.

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