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Column matching completely ignores my column property and data type changes

Alexis IW

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I have a zip code field being imported as a number, 32244.00 for example. (I understand this can be corrected at another level but will take longer than I want to get done.)

I changed the column properties to remove decimals then used a transformation to turn it into a string. I can see these changes have been made when I go back to the column properties and transformation screens. I can also open a data table visualization and see the zip code appear the way I wanted it to (32244).

When I go to match the geo postal code to my data postal code, it shows me the zip code with the decimal places and as an integer (32244.00 for example) and completely ignores the changes I made. Is this a bug

None of my zip codes match. I am trying to avoid creating a calculated column but that looks like my only option.

I can use text functions on the column match screen to match them but I cannot use those functions on the Manage Relations screen so it's really no help.

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