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Reset hierarchical slider on bar chart using IronPython


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Hi all

With a "reset button", I need to reset the hierarchy slider on the category axis of a bar chart to the "most specific" level (month):


I've tried achieving this by setting the X-axis expression in IronPython but this weirdly causes the "time" part (00:00:00) of the date data column to display alongside the month or year (see image below):

vis.As[LineChart]().XAxis.Expression = 'BinByDateTime([install Date],"Year.Month",1)'

Is there a better way to programmatically set the "hierarchy level" of the category axis Does anyone know how to suppress the appearance of the "time"

Thanks a lot,


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Thanks for the response.


Unfortunately, I am unable to use Bookmarks as I have been led to believe that they will interfere with (or poossibly override) our client log-in permissions. I'm really hoping to get an IronPython script that will replicate the functionality of a bookmark.

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Hi Ben,

Not sure how the bookmarks can override your client log in.

Regardless, solving this using IronPython can be done by using the date function to format the result from your BinByDateTime function.

vis.As[LineChart]().XAxis.Expression = 'Date(BinByDateTime([Date],"Year.Month",1)) AS ''Date'''

Another option would be to place < and > around the BinByDateTime function. This makes it a categorical value and retains the slider. Like this:


Best regards, Alain

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