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Process to connect Spotfire to Blob/Azure Cloud

Sanjay Sen

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Video shows how you can connect to Azure SQL Database using Microsoft SQL Server connector available in Spotfire. But if you are looking to connect to Blob Storage, you have to either import those filesinto SQL Server or one other option you can try is Odata connector (Add data tables->connection to->odata) if that data is exposed as a service. Beyond that it will be an enhancement request to add support for Azure Blob Storage as data source.


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Hi Harshith,


I have tried to connect using the OData Connector, but I am getting an error while connecting.


I am following the procedure mentioned in the link: 




Error: The remote server returned an error: (404) Not Found.


The DataSource Does not Exist or it does not respond.


Can you help me out with the error resolution





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Hi Sanjay, Odata is generally used to access data from web services. So data should be exposed as service before making connection from Odata. However, that is just one of the test. But connection to Blob storage is never tried or tested. As mentioned, you can add an enhancement request to support Blob storage as data source, in the ideas portal https://ideas.tibco.com
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