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Can anyone suggest a way to limit data pulled from On-Demand data tables in an analysis file

Natasha DiCocco

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We have a user that marks cells in order to pull data into an excel sheet for the purpose of data analysis his markings can cause the On-Demand data table query to last for hours.

I have attempted setting the configuration XML 'retrieve-timeout' unsuccessfully and have though of using a 'date range expression' to limit the data. But if anyone has done this before please advise.

Kind Regards

Natasha Di Cocco

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Hello Natasha,

The best way to limit data would be to use a date range expression as you said. These date range parameters can be inputs to the on-demand query and limit the amount of data that is fetched.


Alternatively if you want to retrieve only the Top N rows evertime the on-demand query is fired then edit the information link SQL to add the keyword for the same.


eg: For sql server - select Top 10 from emp where empno > 10


For Oracle - select * from emp where empno> 10 and rownum < 100

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