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Count OVER multiple columns with limitation from another column

Tymoteusz Grzybowski

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Data set contains calls per employee to clients from whole year.

Columns from dataset:

Employee Full name; Call date; Year; Month; CALL_ID; ACCT_CNTCT_ID

How to modify this formula

Count([CALL_ID]) OVER ([Employee Full name],[ACCT_CNTCT_ID])

to receive:

- number of calls (CALL_ID)

- from Employee (Employee Full name)

- to client (ACCT_CNTCT_ID)

- which were delivered from February

Thanks for replies.



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something like this:


when ([Month]>1) and ([Year]=Year(DateTimeNow())) then

Count([CALL_ID]) OVER ([Employee Full Name],[ACCT_CNTCT_ID])

else 0

end) OVER ([Employee Full Name],[ACCT_CNTCT_ID])

where the Max() around the CASE is to avoid having rows with zeroes where the condition is not satisfied. I am assuming Month is an integer, if not you will have to turn it into one, and that you want current year only.


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