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Spotfire for real-time medical data review

Chun Yi 2

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I'd like to know how Spotfire supports real time reporting for data review. We already have a Spotfire visualization based on the data linked to our database, while the review has to request update from developed every time when the data updated. I know it's doable in Spotfire to support real-time reporting, so the reviewer may just refresh the report himself/herself to get the latest report. Or even automatically send the query to hospital. Is any other product needed to make it happen e.g.Real-Time Inventory Accelerator

Does any one know how to do it or direct me to the resources may help

Thanks a lot!

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Hi Amanda,

Sorry not to see your question for a few days.

Starting with the release of TIBCO Spotfire Analyst 10.0, Spotfire can create visualizations based on continuous query result sets that go to an instance of a TIBCO technology component called the LiveView Server. Streaming data is made available Spotfire Analyst using theConnector for TIBCO Spotfire Data Streams.

The LiveView Server is currently available through a number of TIBCO products: TIBCO Spotfire Data Streams, TIBCO Streaming, and TIBCO Live Datamart. In order to interface with Spotfire Analyst 10.0 or higher, you would need to preferably use a product version for LiveView Server of 10.4.0 or higher (or 2.2.5 or higher in the older release line).

For people who are current Spotfire users who are just getting acquainted with streaming data sources, we would expect them to start with Spotfire Data Streams 10.4 and perhaps upgrade to TIBCO Streaming if more capability is needed.

The LiveView Server technology has more than 80 input adapters that can be used to publish streaming data into Spotfire Analyst. In your stated use -- medical data review -- some more analysis would have to be done do understand where that data is coming from and in what format it is being provided.

I hope this information is useful; please feel free to explain in more detail what you want to do.

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Thank you very much for your reply, Sbarber.


I need to provide the report to my scientist in web player, so is there a way to get the schedulely refreshed reports (e.g. daily) with only Spotfire analyst below v10


For your suggestion of other products, it's a bit new to me and I need some further exploration to understand more. Thanks again for the information.

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Hello Amanda,


We apparently have quite different ideas of what the phrase "real time" means, so thank you for clarifying what you want.


The Spotfire Data Streams add-on product and its underlying LiveView technology are designed to handle streaming data sources that send updates up to millions of times per second, and the new Spotfire Analyst X features visualize the data arriving from such streams in displays that update multiple times per second to the human user of the visualizations.


Displaying an updated visualization once a day is, I suppose, also a "real-time" stream but it is a stream perhaps 10 or 11 orders of magnitude less frequent than Spotfire Data Streams can handle! Lowering the frequency by that much means we can use a very different and less specfic-purpose software solution.


I'm not a Spotfire expert, but I believe you can use Scheduled Updates to refresh analyses displayed using the Spotfure Web Player. Here's a more relevant Answer post for you: https://community.spotfire.com/questions/spotfire-auto-update


You might also consider using the Spotfire JSViz framework to automate the periodic refresh of a set of Spotfure visualizations.


I hope this information is helpful to you.

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