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Connectors are not displaying in web player

deepika dowluri

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I have installed the Tibco spotfire server 10.0.1 and a web player in Windows. I need to connect to PostgreSQL 10.X. In the configuration of spotfire server, I have enabled all the available licenses to the group 'Everyone' (which is a common group to every user) and restarted the server. However, I am unable to find the PostgreSQL connector under "connect to " menu. Can anyone please help me where I am going wrong

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When using the Web Player (Business Author) to create an analysis, the only connectors available are for Salesforce and Google Analytics. To set up a connection using other types of connectors, like the PostgreSQL connector, you'll need to do that using the installed client (TIBCO Spotfire Analyst). The analysis containing that connection can then be used in the web clients though. For more information, please refer to the following page in the documentation:

Supported data sources



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Yes, you would need to create that connection first using the Analyst. How you proceed then depends on your use case:

* You could either create the entire analysis using the Analyst and make that available to your web client users


* If you save the connection as a data connection to the Library ( in Analyst > Data menu > Manage Data Connections), users of the web authoring client (Business Author) could then select to use that connection when creating an analysis themselves (so instead of "Connect To" like you did, just "Browse the library"for the connection you saved (or enter the name of it in the search field on the top).


"So whenever I need to create an analysis, it is trying to import data everytime from external connection. Is this the actual behavior to import data everytime"

There are some ways to control that as well - please refer to the page Load methods in the manual - https://docs.tibco.com/pub/spotfire_server/10.0.1/doc/html/en-US/TIB_sfi...

If you are looking to reduce the load on the database, you could also look into various caching options that are available - https://support.tibco.com/s/article/Various-Caching-options-in-TIBCO-Spo...



Best Regards


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