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IronPython Script to handle 2 details-on-demand plots which are made from any of the 4 data tables

Muhammad Uzair Khalid

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I have a scatter plot for which I have written a script.. The script allows the end user to display the scatter plot from any of the 8 options..

This scatter plot comes from one datatable always... It has two more details on demand plots i.e. line chart and bar chart.

The data table for these line chart and bar chart depends on what the user has selected from the scatter plot drop-down script..

I am confused how to add data-table part in the script because currently, my script has this structure:

If user select A from drop down list,:

the scatter plot x-axis should be this

the scatter plot y-axis should be that

else if

If user selects B from drop down list:




I am not sure how can I put data table part from the details on demand plot because if user selected A, then line-chart/bar-chart comes from data table A, and if user selects B, then linechart barchart comes from B data table..

Any help will be appreciated :)

If you have any links where I can learn more about iron python scripting, please let me know :)

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