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Automatically Reload Excel Data Table

Lee Jones 2

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Hi everyone,

I have an excel file as a data source. This file gets updated every now and again. At the moment I have to reload the data in Spotfire everytime the file gets updated.

Is there a way of Spotfire automatically reloading the dashboard, when the excel file gets updated Or is there a way of scheduling the reload of the data every week for instance

Many Thanks

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You can keep your datatable linked to source i.e. excel instead of embedded, that way whenever you open dxp it will load with latest data in excel

If you still want to keep datatable embedded, you can setup Spotfire Automation job with below steps:

1) Create a copy of your dxp where datatable is linked to source

2) Create automation job through Tools > Automation Job builder

3) Add > Open analysis from library > Select the analysis you created in step 1

4) Then add > Save analysis to library option > Select embed data in analysis option so this will overwrite your existing analysis

You can then schedule this job weekly so it will automatically refresh the embedded data in dxp from excel


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