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An interactive correlation matrix feature for Consumer license users of a dashboard?

Aleksi Ainonen

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I am thinking would it be possible to generate a button, which consumer license user in web could click and obtain a correlation matrix visualization.

To make it easier to design, the system could be so that user has marked the rows of data for which she/he wants the correlation matrix to be calculated. Also to make it easier to design, we could for starters define in the script the exact columns of the table (or all of them) for which the correlations are computed.

This should be easy to design for desktop analyst users, but how about for web/consumer users?

Thanks for help!

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Hello Aleksi,

Instead of using Iron Python scripts, using a data function could be a (better) option for your use case. The provided dashboard in the below link, covers both marked columns as well as the whole table to be displayed in a matrix:

The data function is not refreshing automatically in the example dashboard, it lets the end user refresh the visualization manually (click the image.png.e5cf18931a9fe16f8ac797ba11bcabc9.pngbutton in the title bar of the visualization). But that could be changed in the data function settings.

Note that you need to install the Python as a web service (deploy the Python .sdn package in your Spotfire environment), including the needed Python packages to run the data function. The Python installation guide (included in the Python downloadable or here) will guide you through that process.

Kind regards,


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