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Spotfire Median superimposed on Scatter Plot

Jennifer Koenitzer

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Hello everyone,

I want to create a visualization similar to the one in the graphic attached. Essentially, I want to overlay the median on top of a scatter plot. I have already figured out how to calculate the median across categories using the OVER function, but the visualization stumps me. Is Spotfire able to do this

Now, the attached image is very simplified, my actual spotfire has 4 groups per graph and is trellised across categories - I want to show the median for these individual groups.

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Hi Tabea,

Thanks for your question, the solution will be discussed in the upcoming Dr. Spotfire session. Register here (https://community.spotfire.com/wiki/doctor-spotfire-office-hours).

If you are unable to make it, the sessions will be recorded and available for viewing on TIBCO Dr. Spotfire playlist (https://www.youtube.com/watchv=hGKmTxVcjJ0&list=PLknbq-WaCOiVvyZpLXHOM2...).

There's a much simpler way. Right click your scatterplot > proerties > lines & curver > select Horizontal line andedit > select aggregated value > Median. This is sensitive to categories & will work as expected for individual categories when trellised.

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Hi DJ,


I had a follow up question on overlaying the median. Is there a way to create a detailed visualization depending on this median line I wanted to base one more calculation on the median line but I could only select the categories that lie on the median line for my details visualization. If there are no categories on the median line and I still want to see the details visualization based on the median, how should I proceed with this problem


Thank you so much !


Warm regards,



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