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Spotfire - Jviz custom visualisation - how to show success message

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Hi Team, 

In our project we are using a custom Jviz visualisation, user can save the data into data base, but my requirement is, after click the save button, the success message should be displayed, then user can understand the records has been saved. 

the save button calling the python script, what I did I stored the success flag in the document property based on data function execution, now I want to read the document property and show the message to user. My problem here, the Jviz.js file having the function to set the document property, the same how do I get the document property values.

function setDocumentProperty(name, value) {

  var DocumentPropertyInfo = { PropertyName: name, PropertyValue: value };

  var dpiJson = JSON.stringify(DocumentPropertyInfo);

   if (typeof JSViz != "undefined" && JSViz.version.major >= 3) {

    // Spotfire 7.5 or higher:

    Spotfire.modify("documentproperty", DocumentPropertyInfo);


Your suggestion/Idea would be great. 



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Hi Velmuragan,

One way to show the document property, is using a label property control in a text area. I don't know what is captured in your success flag property, but you can use that to display directly in your text area. Or, if it is a boolean, you can also create a calculated column on top of it, and display that one in the text area.

Your text area could look like this:

The above picture assumes that the success flag is a boolean, which is displayed in the first line. In the second line, I used a calculated column to convert the boolean into meaningful text.

From the Edit HTML window, you can see what I have done to accomplish the two lines.

Kind regards,



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