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How to freeze certain row headers in Cross Table in Spotfire?

Kem Azlan
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Let say I created the visualization as below, and I would like to freeze certain row headers, for example I would like to freeze 'Name' column and other column can be scrolled to the left. I can see from the properties that it just limited to 'Freeze row headers', 'Scroll row headers' or 'Adjust automatically'? Is there another way to do that, maybe in terms of IronPython scripting will do? Here I attached the .dxp file for your reference.image.thumb.png.4505def43651e07ef48175b2efe3909c.png 

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Hello Kem,

I don't see any possibility for this at the moment. The properties you mentioned are the ones Spotfire offers. There seems to be no IronPython example (from this article) available, that would give you what you are looking for.: 

What I can see in our ideas portal (https://ideas.spotfire.com/ideas/TS-I-7853), is that a similar idea has been put forward. You may vote that idea up, as its current status is 'Future Consideration'.

The only way you have the ability to freeze a number of columns, is in a table visualization. There you can set the number of frozen columns (Properties>>Appearance). But that would mean you have to rebuild your cross table in a different way and probably lose functionality.

Kind regards,


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