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Does TIBCO Data Science workbench a.k.a Statistica support Deep Learning ? Does TIBCO Data Science workbench a.k.a S provides High Availability of system and data.? Does Does TIBCO DS workbench provides a.k.a Statistica support Text/WebMining.

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Hi Biswajit.

Answer 1: There are several Statistica workspace nodes for incorporating deep learning algorithms. Connection with Microsoft's Computational Network Toolkit (CNTK) is used for this.

Answer 2: The MAS and LiveScore servers do support high availability (load balancing). As far as data - these are stored in common relational databases like SQL Server and Oracle which have their own capabilities. If the question is asked in the context of SaaS Statistica is not provided at the moment as SaaS solution.

Answer 3: Yes, there is Text Mining module for this purpose.

Let us know, if the answers are sufficient. Kind regards

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