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Is it possible to export data to excel keeping the hyperlinks of the table visualization or Details on Demand intact?

Prateek Rawat 3

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In Spotfire dashboard I have a table visualization and Details on Demand which contains a column which has a "link" renderer. So when I click the value in the column cell it opens a page in browser because I have configured a hyperlink.

Now, I want to export this table to excel, and want to keep the hyperlink intact in excel. So I would like the excel to have a column with the same link as I have in spotfire.

Is this possible in spotfire?



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Hello Prateek,

Improvements to the Excel export was one of the many improvements in the latest Spotfire 14.0 LTS release, that was released earlier this week - see https://community.spotfire.com/s/article/What-s-New-in-Spotfire-14-0-LTS for more information.

I just did a quick test using Spotfire 14.0, and confirmed that the hyperlinks in my Spotfire table were still present when I opened the exported xlsx file in Excel.


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Hello Prateek,

I'm not aware of any needs for configuration - this should work without any configuration, but maybe there are some aspects to your analysis, or Excel version that affects this. Is it only affecting the hyperlinks - is other formatting, such as table coloring, working? I just tested again (see screenshot below) and it worked fine for me - to be exact, using Spotfire 14.0.0 HF-001, and opened in Excel 2019). The hyperlinks are available and work well in Excel.

I recommend that you open a support case in the Support Portal (https://support.tibco.com/) so this can be investigated in more detail.


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