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HTML Annimation on Text Areas

Jewelson Cagakit

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Hi Community,

Did the latest version of TIBCO Spotfire analyst supports some annimation effect on HTML Text areas like for this one?

@keyframes blink{from{background: white;}to{background: red;}

where this background color will blink interchangeably from white to red and vice versa?

Trying this, but it doesnt work. Is there a proper way to re-write it as Spotfire supported syntax?

If not yet, is there a possibility of having this in the future especially when it comes to building static HTML tables with colored backgrounds on values per cell?

Thank you.

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First, do you have HTMLSanitation enabled or disabled (https://support.tibco.com/s/article/How-to-disable-the-HTML-Sanitation-check)?

With it disabled, so I could use style etc, using Spotfire Analyst 12.0, so not even the latest 12.5 version , I tested an animation example from w3schools (https://www.w3schools.com/cssref/tryit.php?filename=trycss_animatable), and it worked fine in the text area as well:


Disclaimer: The html sanitation is there for a good reason, and having it enabled is recommended - it's e.g. a good way to reduce the risk of issues when upgrading. For anything you want to do but isn't allowed by the html sanitation, the recommendation is to create/vote for ideas for the specific issue in the Ideas portal, which may result in it becoming supported in a future version.


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