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Does multiple nodes resolve performance issues?

George Lin 2

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Hi, currently I have a performance issue that I want to resolve. And one of the ideas is to install another node. The question is if now we have two nodes, and for example there are 3 users, and 2 users are connected to node A, another user is connected to node B. Is the connection to the node random and assigned directly from the moment the users log in? Will users using node A will still experience the same performance issue? If yes, is there any suggestions to solve this issue (Memory ratio, hard disk capacity, etc.)?

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>Does multiple nodes resolve performance issues?

It depends completely on what the cause of the performance issue is. I would recommend starting with a thorough investigation of that, e.g. as documented in the KB article "Troubleshooting Performance issues on TIBCO Spotfire Web Player" https://support.tibco.com/s/article/Troubleshooting-Performance-issues-on-TIBCO-Spotfire-Web-Player, and then you can decide on the best solution.

Routing is a big topic so the answers to your question about that is basically "it depends". There are various ways you can control how individual users/groups etc are routed, and routing is also affected by the health status of your Web Players. I recommend that you start by reading these pages in the documentation which gives a good overview:

Routing introduction



Troubleshoot distributing resources for Spotfire Web Player instances


For further assistance in troubleshooting, I recommend opening a support case on https://support.tibco.com as any kind of analysis of this will almost certainly require access to your log files etc.

Best Regards


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