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TERR: Error in loading rlang package

Matteo Cassotti

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I have installed the dplyr package and its dependencies from "TERR Tools" "Package Management". The installation was successful.

Using the local TERR engine, dplyr, rlang and other packages are detected:

library()Packages in library ' C:/Users/MWXC/AppData/Local/TIBCO/Spotfire/11.4/Modules/TIBCOE~1.69/engine/library ': AMS Interface to the Streambase Artifact Managment SystemRinR Evaluate R Expressions in a Different R InterpreterSdatasets Datasets from S-PLUSSpotfire Spotfire integration functionsSpotfireConnector Functions for Handling Spotfire Data FunctionsSpotfireData Spotfire integration functionsSpotfireSPK Spotfire package building functionsSpotfireStats Statistics from Within SpotfireSpotfireUtils Functions for Using TERR from Spotfirearbor Recursive Partitioning TreesassertionTest Framework for Running Assertion Testsbase The TIBCO Enterprise Runtime for R enginecompiler The TIBCO Enterprise Runtime for R compiler Package (functions not implemented)grDevices The TIBCO Enterprise Runtime for R grDevices Package (functions not implemented)graphics The TIBCO Enterprise Runtime for R Graphics Package (functions not implemented)grid The TIBCO Enterprise Runtime for R grid Package (functions not implemented)methods S4 Classes and Methodsparallel Parallel Computingsjdbc JDBC Driver Interfacesplines The TIBCO Enterprise Runtime for R splines PackagesplusTimeDate Times and Dates from S-PLUSsplusTimeSeries Time Series from S-PLUSsplusUtils S-PLUS functions for TIBCO Enterprise Runtime for Rstats The TIBCO Enterprise Runtime for R stats Packagestats4 The TIBCO Enterprise Runtime for R stats4 Packagestattran Interface to StatTransfer Librarytcltk The TIBCO Enterprise Runtime for R tcltk Package (functions not implemented)terrJava TIBCO Enterprise Runtime for R Connection to JavaterrUtils Utilities for TIBCO Enterprise Runtime for RtibbrConnector R interface to TIBCO tibbrtools The TIBCO Enterprise Runtime for R Tools Packageutils The TIBCO Enterprise Runtime for R Utils Packagevalidate Validation Tests Packages in library ' C:/Users/MWXC/DOCUME~1/TERR/X86_64~1/6.0 ': R6 Encapsulated Classes with Reference Semanticscli Helpers for Developing Command Line Interfacescpp11 A C++11 Interface for R's C Interfacecrayon Colored Terminal Outputdplyr A Grammar of Data Manipulationellipsis Tools for Working with ...fansi ANSI Control Sequence Aware String Functionsgenerics Common S3 Generics not Provided by Base R Methods Related toModel Fittingglue Interpreted String Literalslifecycle Manage the Life Cycle of your Package Functionsmagrittr A Forward-Pipe Operator for Rpillar Coloured Formatting for Columnspkgconfig Private Configuration for 'R' Packagespurrr Functional Programming Toolsrlang Functions for Base Types and Core R and 'Tidyverse' Featurestibble Simple Data Framestidyr Tidy Messy Datatidyselect Select from a Set of Stringsutf8 Unicode Text Processingvctrs Vector Helpers

Loading some packages is successful, eg "glue":

> library(glue)> gluefunction (..., .sep = "", .envir = parent.frame(), .open = "{", .close = "}", .na = "NA", .null = character(), .comment = "#", .literal = FALSE, .transformer = identity_transformer, .trim = TRUE){ glue_data(.x = NULL, ..., .sep = .sep, .envir = .envir, .open = .open, .close = .close, .na = .na, .null = .null, .comment = .comment, .literal = .literal, .transformer = .transformer, .trim = .trim)}<environment: glue>attr(,"name")[1] "glue"

But the 'rlang' package fails to load:

> library(rlang)Warning message:In library.dynam(chname = chname, package = package, lib.loc... : Could not load foreign binary C:/Users/MWXC/DOCUME~1/TERR/X86_64~1/6.0/rlang/libs/x64/rlang.dll: The specified procedure could not be found.Error in .loadNamespaceImpl(package, path, keep.source, partial) : error executing useDynLib for dynamic library 'rlang' from package 'rlang' loaded from C:/Users/MWXC/DOCUME~1/TERR/X86_64~1/6.0 : Error in library.dynam(chname = chname, package = package, lib.loc = ... : Foreign binary rlang could not be loaded

Any help would be really appreciated

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I just responded to a similar question in https://community.spotfire.com/s/question/0D54z00009QJWQACA5/getting-an-error-while-executing-a-data-function-in-spotfire - see that post for more information, but in short, this is likely caused by a known third-party issue - that Microsoft has recently retired its MRAN website that published daily historical snapshots of the open-source R community's CRAN repository.

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