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How to generate a table in spotfire from a given table where i need to know from which date and Hour did the power was 0 and till what date and time did it continuously was 0.

tushar lohit

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The sample data table is attached the sample data shows we have two locations and two type of meter and two different dates and 5 hours of data. Need to generate a table which can differentiate between the parameters mentioned above and provide with a table to show for when to when the power was showing 0.

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Hi Tushar,

Once you uploaded the dataset in Spotfire you can follow these steps in the Data Canvas:

  • Add a “Calculate new column” transformation and create a new column (I called it “PowerZero”) by adding the expression: [Power] = 0
  • Add a “Filter rows” transformation by adding the expression: [PowerZero] = TRUE
  • Create new columns called “From date”, "From hour", "End date" and "End hour" by adding these expressions respectively:
Min([Date]) OVER ([Location],[Meter Name],[Date])Min([Hour]) OVER ([Location],[Meter Name],[Date])Max([Date]) OVER ([Location],[Meter Name],[Date])Max([Hour]) OVER ([Location],[Meter Name],[Date])
  • Exclude the columns Date, Hour, Power and PowerZero
  • Create a new column called “RemoveRows” by adding the expression:
If(Rank(Rowid(),"asc",[Location] & [Meter Name] & [From date])=1,"1st Record","Duplicate Record")
  • Add a “Filter rows” transformation adding the expression [RemoveRows] = '1st Record'
  • Exclude the "RemoveRows" column

After all these steps you should get the table that you were looking for:

image.png.a8caff1a5f787c96ad27becb43c08d08.pngI hope this is helpful, and if not, please let me know.


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Hi Julieta,

Thank you for the response. It did help me get the expected answer. However when i try this logic where instead of Hour i have time stamp it doesn't work. As time stamp is a unique value functions like min and max in the logic are not giving the expected answer.


Tushar Lohit

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