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Recent Login Details of Particular Timespan

Shri G

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Hi All,

I have to display most recent data of user which falls within 5 min of login of that particular user for specific access type.

For example, if the user A's first login is at 8:33:59 AM for access type Home and If the same User A login at 8:35:59 AM and 8:38:59 AM again for access type Home, then the data of most recent login need to be displayed if user has multiple login within 5 min of first login. So here need to display the recent login which is 8:38:59 AM

Example Data :

image.png.0d51fa4c82e3cc6f61ae80d0587bd422.pngExpected Output:

image.png.a4fa7a9ce79a2ecd44c7cb0b73648537.pngCan somebody please help me with this?



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Hi @Shri G​ 

I am responding with an answer from Gaia Paolini, we are having some issues getting the script posted for you as well but will try in a separate answer.

"I cannot find a way of doing this with Spotfire calculated columns, as it seems to need a recursive approach.I could get the same results as you by producing a new table using a TERR data function. See e.g. this link for info on setting up data functions:

You will have to install the R data.table library:from top menu > Tools > TERR Tools > Package Management > Load the CRAN repository then type 'data.table' in available


select it from the results below, click Install.To create the data

function:from top menu > Data > Data Function properties > Register

new make sure the language is TERR

copy and paste the script below

set dt as input parameter of type Table

set dt1 as output parameter of type Table

click on Run on top/right and assign the input and output tables."

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