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Restriction on adding more than 4 aggregations

Gautam Wali

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The source code is available in https://github.com/TIBCOSoftware/spotfire-mod-spider so you can check for limitations/alter it as you see fit (not using Cloud).

What happens if you try to add more variables - do you get any error? I did a quick test and added 5 without any issues (see screen shot below, using the example analysis "Sales and Marketing"). If you could share your test data, or reproduce the issue using some sample data set, that may help.

spiderexample.thumb.PNG.836f9a1b8a200544ad694408bcb03898.PNGChecking the code, there is a "rowLimit" though (set to 2000). Hitting that you would get the error:

☹️ Cannot render - too many rows (rowCount: ${rowCount}, limit: ${rowLimit})

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