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Number of Days in a Fiscal quarter

Priyank Dwivedi
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Can you clarify further what you are looking for? Do you want to select a date and then return the total number of days for the Fiscal quarter that contains that date? Or days to the end of the Fiscal quarter? Working days, or total days? With or without holidays? Once we have a better understanding of your request we can make suggestions.

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I think you will find that this will be better accomplished in a TERR data function than using Spotfire functionality. You can read more about data functions here:


Here's a link to a YouTube video about creating data functions:

Link for TERR documentation:


I'd recommend that you start with the R package 'bizdays', as it has a lot of the functionality you are asking for:


Pass the selected date into the data function, then you can use the package to identify the fiscal quarter and return the desired number of days.

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