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Mods contextMenu append customized item with original one

Chuang Tse Wang

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Hi Community,

As subject, how could I append myself item into Spotfire-built-contextmenu which keeps original items? Is it possible?

Why I need to do this? Because, I'd like to add a little bubble div shown when user click to show more information into it.

Or maybe, I'm supposed to show Info on tooltip, but that's the other issue that tip and contextmenu are shifted to bottom when my mods is a TABLE with scrollbar scrolling down.

Thanks for your focusin

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From what I have been able to find out, this is currently not possible (but I don't know for sure) - the ability to do this appears be an enhancement/idea for the TIBCO Ideas portal: https://ideas.tibco.com/ideas. I have alerted some very knowledgeable people about your inquiry though and they may follow up if they can find a solution.

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