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How can I pass on my filter value to data function?

vaibhav narain

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I have a table which stores a list of 'assets'. Each of these assets have a timeseries associated to them.

These assets are ingested to the table using a data function of their own. The visulaization has a filter which allows to select a single asset. Upon selection of an asset, I want to pass on this select asset name to the timeseries data function. This timeseries data function takes the asset name as input and would output the data in a table which would be displayed on dashboard.

In short:

Selection of an asset from filter will only show the timeseries of the selected asset. I dont want to go by conventional method of getting timeseries of all assets and putting a simple filter on it since i have a huge amount of data, hence want the timeseries to be ingested in the table 'on demand'


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