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Add more information to KPI Chart

Missy T

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Hi All,

I'm wondering if there is a way to add additional data in my KPI Chart.

For example, if my KPI Chart is currently tiled by Project Name, with the Y Axis being Budget and the Comparative Value being the Overall Cost is there a way to add the Project Status (which is in my Data Table) to the actual box of the KPI View

I appreciate your help!


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Hi Kirsten,


Very sorry about that. I had asked the question wrong. I am using the Comparative Value for the Overall Cost. Is there a way to add another value to the KPI Chart


Thanks so much for your response. :)

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If the Project has only one value for Status, then just add the Status as the second TileBy column. Then, the top of the KPI will read somethink like "Project 1 >> On Time"


The other options are a date field to show the trend and Color to reflect the relative value of the Value or Comparative Value, such as Red, Yellow, Green. So, instead, you can ColorBy your Status field. If you are using ColorBy already, then perhaps you can duplicate the KPI and in the copied second set, use Status for ColorBy. On the visualization, right-click and Sort by all KPIs by the alphabetical to put the KPI and Status next to each other.

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