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How to perform operations over data from different rows and create a plot?

Pavinkumar R
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I've a data set similar to the one in below (X,Y & Condition). I've plotted line graph with color by 'Condition'. In the given example case, I've two plots (as there are two conditions 'A' and 'B').

What I want to do now is, to create a single plot which shows the difference/sum/multiplication/division between these two plots. Basically, I want to understand if there is a way to add a calculated row similar to calculated column in Spotfire? Or Any other way, In which we can achieve what I'm looking for?

Thanks in advance.


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From what you said, I would try to apply a pivot transformation to your data, then you can create as many column combinations in the plot as you need.

I have slightly changed your sample data (the values for A were all 1, and the X values were repeated). See attached dxp.

Basically I created a pivot table by adding a new data table (press + then choose 'Other' then choose the existing data table) so as not to overwrite the original, then applied a pivot transformation so that the resulting table looked like this (right):

image.thumb.png.f282032594e0bb995dc9f4f041b3847a.pngThen I plotted the pivoted table using as columns: Y_A, Y_B then Y_A-Y_B, Y_A+Y_B resulting in this plot:


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