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None of the articles about Spotfire data functions have any downloadable links. How can I access those files? All the articles say that the data function can be downloaded but no files are attached.

Raina Mortuja

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I have had similar issues. The structure can be a bit confusing now, I agree. In general, the issue is that there can be multiple variants of the pages, and you need to find the right one, which is the TIBCO Exchange page.

Until that has been resolved, consider simply entering the name of the data function that you want to download in the community search field (e.g. "Decline Curve Analysis Data Function"), filter to the Exchange search results, and you'll likely only see a single page that contains the download (also note that you generally need to be logged in the community to download). In this example, the page https://community.spotfire.com/s/exchange/aCv4z0000008OaFCAU/simple-decline-curve-analysis-data-function-for-tibco-spotfire


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Yes, I have done the above and some of the articles do not have downloadable files. I want to download:

  1. The Circular Radius Data Function
  2. The Bounding Box Data Function
  3. The Convert Coordinates To Polygon Data Function
  4. The Location Geocoder Data Function

I have attached an image of what I see on the articles after I log in.Screenshot.png.0a1764d3898c670ddee7d51b651a7f78.png

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