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Databricks JDBC Connection with Spotfire

Aditya Singh 3

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I need to create a connection with Azure databricks using jdbc but it is not working, already connected through ODBC. Can anyone provide details on JDBC connection, datasource template.

I tried downloading JDBC driver, copied it to tomcatcustom-ext folder but it is not showing in datasource templates.

Any help is appreciated!

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The recommended solution for connecting to Azure Databricks would be using the built-in Apache Spark connector (but for using Azure AD Token Authentication or an Azure AD Personal Access Token, it is recommended to use the Custom Connector for TIBCO Spotfire® to Connect to Azure Databricks - see https://community.spotfire.com/s/article/tibco-spotfire-data-access#Azure%20Databricks)

But, as you mentioned wanting to use JDBC instead, I don't have any information specifically about connecting to Azure Databricks (hopefully someone else will pitch in) but here's an example of a basic Information Services JDB data source template that I know has been used to successfully connect to Databricks: 








<ping-command>SHOW TABLES</ping-command>








In this example, the driver used was Simba Spark JDBC driver 2.6.22

Another example can be found here where CData shows how to connect using their jdbc driver: 


So, maybe this could at least be a starting point (but again, hopefully some user that is already using Azure Databricks can pitch in as well). 

I assume authentication could be a challenge depending on what you are using. FYI: Note the OpenID/OAuth2 support available in recent versions of Spotfire:  


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Just so I understand the current issue - is the problem now that the data source template doesn't show up at all in the list of data source templates in the TIBCO Spotfire Server Configuration tool?

How did you add the data source template:

A. Using the Configuration tool (https://docs.tibco.com/pub/spotfire_server/12.0.3/doc/html/TIB_sfire_server_tsas_admin_help/server/topics/adding_a_data_source_template_with_the_configuration_tool.html)


B) Using the add-ds-template command (https://docs.tibco.com/pub/spotfire_server/12.0.3/doc/html/TIB_sfire_server_tsas_admin_help/server/topics/add-ds-template.html)

When attempting to add it, did you get any errors? If there are errors and it's not obvious from those what the issue is (e.g. invalid xml), the server logs should contain more information. Troubleshooting those would be better handled through a support case, so in that case, please open a support case in the TIBCO Support Portal - https://support.tibco.com.


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I recommend opening a case with Support in the Support Portal (https://support.tibco.com/) for further troubleshooting as it sounds like you have reached the point where log files will be needed. Support may not be able to provide you with a data source template for your specific data source but hopefully the logs can provide more insight into what doesn't work now (when opening the case, please make sure to describe the current symptoms in as much detail as possible so it's clear what exactly doesn't work at this point).


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