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I am using spotfire for data visualisation.....facing issues in webplayer......it shows data connector is not available...eventhough i have installed.... and desktop app is also very slow while loading the data....it get hungs..

Gautam Varma

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Hello Gautam,

This is likely better handled as support cases as it will require access to your logs so please go to the TIBCO Support Portal (https://support.tibco.com/) and open cases for this. It sounds like two separate issues so I recommend that you create two separate cases, so you can get assistance from the best qualified resource for each one.

In general though, for connector missing issues, always start by checking the system requirements for your particular Spotfire version and confirm that you have installed a driver of the supported version (e.g. for Spotfire 12.0, see https://docs.tibco.com/pub/spotfire/general/sr/sr/topics/spotfire_connectors_12_0.html#GUID-C284FD89-0A07-4F15-9902-BE3ABD1EBB41__TABLE_42ECBCABA0F449F9874A5B0DB9F3DEE3), in all the desired locations, e.g. in your case, on all the Node Managers where your Web players are running.

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