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Can Prepared report's name be changed to dynamic one instead of static one ?

Shiva Prasad 3

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I am newbie to Tibco Spotfire.

I have button in Spotfire dashboard which exports a report in pdf format upon a click. But the name of the report is fixed and I could not see any option or use place variables to change the name accordingly to filters set in the report in the prepared report section.

Can this change in prepared report name be done ? Is there any way ? Or is there any alternate way to create and export report with dynamic name ?

Thank You

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In the Help for Prepared Reports there is information about the "Headers and Footers" section, including the "What to display" options, specifically:


In the What to display drop-down list, you select what kind of information to display in the field. Because the content you insert in a field is of dynamic character, it is represented by a property. The value of such a property will then change to reflect the current circumstance on the separate PDF pages. The property name of the option you select is displayed in the text field. If you want, you can type your own text to display along with the properties, or to display stand-alone.

Tip: You can also enter document properties in the field.

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