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Francisco Aspillaga

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Hi Kirsten,

If the location is a local folder on my computer, Renderer should be: Link, Text, or Image from URL?.


On the other hand, I tried to put the URL of the files inside OneDrive but it does not recognize them.

image.thumb.png.3fdcd5d2d4a79d54120b1eccc447e988.pngLastly, if the name of each file were that of each field number, couldn't the path of the local folder where they are stored be reached and linked automatically?.

Thank you very much for youre help and hace a great weekend¡

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Set it to 'Image from URL', and the path would be something like: file://computername/folder1/folder2/{$}.jpg

You may have to whitelist the URLs to be accessible to the program. From the Help documentation:

Allowed URIs

For Spotfire Analyst, your Spotfire Administrator may have specified that only certain URIs should be allowed to link to. If that is the case, then a list of the allowed base URI addresses will be shown in the dialog. An administrator can add more addresses to the Whitelist for Allowed URIs preference found under Application Preferences in the Administration Manager.

If an allowed URI includes a wildcard character (for example, http://*.example.com/ ), then you can use any path within that specified domain.

To whitelist a directory on a company network location, specify the path to the folder in the whitelist. The path must start with file://.

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